George Mason University Forensics
To arrange a time for an audition, please contact the Peter Pober, the Director of Forensics, at 703.993.4119, e-mail him at, or stop by the Forensics Team Room on campus in Science and Tech II Room 128. 

What do I need to do to audition?
An audition can consist of any one of a number of things. You can perform any piece (i.e. an interp, oratory, etc.) that you have performed before either in class or in high school. You could read a paper you wrote for class, give a presentation, or just tell us a story. The choice is yours!!!!!!!!!!

How long should it be?
Approximately five to ten minutes.

How will I be evaluated?
We are well aware that not everyone has experience is this activity, so we are not expecting perfection. We are simply looking to see how you behave in front of a room, if you are confident, and to assess the innumerable intangibles that go into molding a solid forensics competitor.

How Much of a Commitment is it?
Competing in forensics is a time commitment. The GMU team is a nationally competitive program with a rich tradition of forensics excellence.

How often does the team compete?
The team competes approximately six weekends per semester. The team travels primarily on the east coast but routinely travels further away to compete. For example, this year the team will be traveling to California, Illinois, and Ohio besides its annual stops in New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. The schedule changes every year so there are always new and interesting places to go.

Besides tournaments, are there any other commitments?
Yes. You are expected to meet with the coaches of your respective events at least once a week as well as attend a weekly meeting of the team.

Does this mean I can't have a job or do any other extracurricular activities?
Of course not. The team's primary focus has always been to have well-rounded students. Numerous students have been able to balance forensics with work, school, and an active social life.

Can I submit a video?
Of course! Students who are unable to travel to GMU to audition should feel free to mail an audition tape to:
      Peter Pober
      George Mason University
      Department of Communication
      MSN 3D6
      4400 University Drive
      Fairfax, VA 22030