George Mason Institute of Forensics
Congratulations to our GMIF Alumni!
 2011 Extemp TOC Champion - Ben Constine
2011 NCFL Extemp 3rd Place - Ben Constine
2011 NCFL Extemp 4th Place - Isabelle Taft
2011 NCFL Oratory Runner-up - Avi Jaggi
2011 NCFL Oral Interpretation 4th Place - Zachary Dittami
2011 NCFL Oral Interpretation 6th Place - Daniel Bender Stern
2011 NCFL Dramatic Performance 6th Place - Kaitlyn Harrow

Welcome to the 7th annual George Mason Institute of Forensics!

With the phenomenal success of the George Mason Institute of Forensics (GMIF) over the past six years, we are pleased to announce the Seventh Annual George Mason Institute of Forensics for the summer of 2011. George Mason University and the George Mason Forensics Team invite you to Washington D.C. to participate in the seventh annual GMIF, where you will learn from some of the Great Minds In Forensics!

See China's Top English Public Speaker Competitors speak about their GMIF experiences!

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GMIF 2010 Faculty and Campers
Students will have the opportunity to specialize in numerous areas of forensics including Oratory, Extemporaneous Speaking, and all the interpretation events. Our faculty consists of the leading competitors and coaches from all across the nation. There is no better place to learn forensics than in our nation's capital!

“I could tell you to go to GMIF because it prepares you for the upcoming forensics season, and it does. I could tell you to go to GMIF because you have the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches in the country, and you do. But the true reason that you should attend GMIF is because the people you meet and the experiences you have create memories to last a lifetime. That is where the real value lies and there is plenty of it at GMIF."

- Eric Leist, 2006 NCFL National Champion in Oral Interpretation

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